Monday 23 July 2012

#Q4Patients - questions to ask

This weeks's Tweets continue the theme of QUESTION FOR PATIENTS - #Q4Patients - but are more about the research itself.

 Last week's tweets were all about QUESTION FOR PATIENTS - #Q4Patients - What questions should the public be asking when we visit our GP...

1. Ask your clinicians about what research exists about your condition, illness or disease. Starting the discussions
2. Ask all of your health professionals (nurses, doctors, consultants, etc) if they are actively involved in research. Showing interest
3. Ask your clinicians to explain the research into your condition. Share responsibility
4. Ask about current studies that are taking place? Become a Study Participation
5. Ask what will they are going to do to let you know? Be a demanding Customer

 At the end of these 10 Questions I will add some further thoughts.

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