Wednesday 26 September 2012


Performance – reflections on the Olympics

Attitude! – There was something about the positive mind set especially amongst the Paralympians. A non-acceptance of can’t do, a willingness to take on a challenge, get on and do.
As patients we are often viewed or written about as victims of a disease so there is a message there about living every day to the full despite any limitations. Like many others I dislike the dreadful term ‘survivorship’. Living with and beyond an illness is far more acceptable so being actively involved and engaged in all aspects of my heath are the keys: Challenge – Aspiration – Achievement!

Goals! The setting of targets is a crucial factor in sport. This applies to us as patients. Our goals are shared decision making, better treatment, the best evidenced based care developed through quality research! But we also need to be clearer about what we are targeting at any point we get involved: Purpose – Impact- Benefit!

Approach! The manner in which the athletes worked together and shared training facilities across both Olympic Games. The Cycling Team was 'one' team, sharing the same resources, coaches and leadership resulting in a rich display of medals and personal and world records.

As patients the issues we face are faced by many other patients yet we too often stay together with others of the same disease. It is the sort of tribal behaviour that we accuse the health professional of doing. Being actively involved is being involved and research is research: Commonality – Shared-decision-making - Partnership

The Building Partnerships course, bringing the public and researchers together, was developed by Macmillan it is a great example partnership (Well, I would say that as I am one of the facilitators!!!)


How do we inspire people - enable their capabilities?
How do help people develop knowledge and skills?
How do we build from people’s own experience?
How do we help people achieve their ambitions?

Programmes on TV such as Grand Designs, Celebrity Master Chef and Strictly Come Dancing illustrate how people can learn very fast, take on exceptional challenges especially if they have a passion or dream, desire and especially a plan.

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