Tuesday 15 August 2017

Being Effective - Top Ten #2: Being Clear About the Purpose

Being Effective - Top Ten #2: Being Clear About the Purpose
You can read Top Ten #1 here

Here are 10 Questions I think that we should expect to hear described by the researcher and/or the team about the research that is intended. 

1. What type of research is going to be done?

2. What is the need?

3. What are the current options for treatment?

4. What are the challenges faced by patients?

5. What research has been done already? 

6. What is different about this study?

7. Why is it important to you and this work?

8. What improvements do you hope to see?

9. How long will all of this take?

Finally, one for us as members of the public : 

10 Am I now able to describe this back to the researcher, to patients and others?

Once we have this information, we are in a much better place to think about how our experience can add value. 

  • What insights can we gained?
  • What perspectives can we give?
  • What do we know that is different?
  • What other skills can we offer?

Equally, researchers may wish to turn these questions to make them apply to your own study. 

Thanks to @rheumpatient for reminder that it is not ethical to waste participants' time if no new knowledge to be gained.

This Top Ten Series fits nicely with #myresearchlearning on Twitter as it helps people develop in their own time and at their own pace. The Questions may even provoke a little thought amongst those of us 

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