Monday 8 October 2012

Tick Boxing

As a patient, I have been involved in many meetings (far too many for my own good, perhaps).

A lot have been good but a few have been more about tickina box. 

I attended the meeting Educating4Patient&Public Involvement the other day when someone used the words 'Tick Boxing'. It sounded like Kick Boxing

Are there rules...

I have begun some possible rules below...

1. Invite the person to a meeting and send them to the wrong room
2. Invite the person and don't tell them when or where the meeting will take place
3. Avoid sending the agenda or papers before the meeting
4. Don't tell the person anything about the purpose
5. Consult people after you made a decision to tell them what you have decided
6. Include Involvement on the Agenda as the final item and with any luck you won't reach it
7. Leave everything to the last minute and demand a quick response 
8. Don't have any principles other than self interest
9. Forget to offer to pay any out of pocket expenses
10. Never say thanks or acknowledge the contribution
11. Ignore all patient groups, communities and patient advocates
12. Make sure that you write up this in a highly positive light - especially your contribution!

Rather than call these the Bloomsbury Rules I suggest that we say that we are unwilling to be part of such Foolsready Rules.

Now, how might you feel in that boxing ring?

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