Tuesday 9 October 2012

Bad Chairing

With the recent publication of Ben Goldacre's excellent book "Bad Pharma" I thought I would look out a piece I wrote some time ago about 'Bad Chairing'.

Bad Chairing - The10 WORST ACTIONS and SAYINGS

For those people chairingmeetings who wish to make a complete and utter hash of engaging and involving the public or what you may view as "those poor, pathetic, indolent, sufferingsouls" I wish to offer this sound advice which I have witnessed andlearned over the years. This is the ‘how not to do it’ guide which a small minority still do...

I have divided these as the 10ACTIONS and SAYINGS of the World's Worst commandments for involving the publicin meetings.


·      View patients and public as from another planet
·      Make no contact beforehand with the patient or member of the public
·      Don't introduce yourself
·      Avoid introducing anyone at the meeting
·      Don't make eye contact
·      Ignore any indications of the patient/public wanting to speak
·      Ensure all papers are in NHS speak
·      UAWAG - Use Acronyms Without A Glossary
·      Don't have Patient Issues as an Agenda Item
·      Make no reference to patients in the Minutes


·      You're still alive??? (Thanks to Bec, a colleague)
·      I had an minor op once so I know what it is like being a patient
·      It is all very complicated and you won't understand
·      Ah, yes, well, but....
·      I would never have had that treatment
·      You are only a patient and only see one small side
·      Raise your eyebrows at all patient/public comments
·      Use 'them' and 'they' when talking about patients and public
·      Use hospital humour - 'off for frying' rather than radiotherapy
·      Smile but look with pity in your eyes

One might assume that somethingsimilar to these lists have been circulating for years and must have formedpart of a training course for a small minority of professionals. This couldtherefore explain the regularity with which these behaviours are exhibited.

However, THANK YOU to all of YOU who help us in a million ways!

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