Tuesday 8 January 2013


Travelling to Belfast for the official opening of the Northern Ireland Molecular Pathology Laboratory and the Northern Ireland Biobank.

Remarkable initiative by Jackie James and Manuel Salto-Tellez that brings together the hospital diagnosis with research and the university.

Excellent work in engaging and working with the Hospital Trust to see research as part of the patient pathway - a standard part of the journey.

As patients this is a major step forward as it places research in the realm of quality standards and patient experience. A right of passage rather than an optional extra.

But it also means that, as patients, we should be asking about research - what studies can I take part in?

And if there isn't research into my illness, condition or disease - why not?

Plus, is full use being made of the biomedical samples that I have given? Are they being used for research and what good is being extracted to help future patients?

WATCH HERE: http://www.u.tv/News/Queens-cancer-lab-could-save-lives/d7090e4d-e744-4df1-826e-5a5a72edb614


I gave a talk and facilitated a workshop for researchers and others about effectively involving the public in the work - the advantages and challenges.

The Centre has worked closely with patients and patient groups to help them shape the service and make it a central part of the local NHS. They have given tours, helped raise considerable funds for the IT digital imaging. They see research, the University, the Trust and their patients as an essential and working partnership. Research is core to patient care.

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