Thursday 3 January 2013

Clinical Trials Data - Commons Select Committee Consultation

Happy new year to everyone. I am pleased to say that I am finally getting over the flu which meant that most of the holiday was obliterated.

I received the following from Sarah Qureshi today. Please respond.

Science and Technical Committee (Commons)

Transparency and disclosure of clinical trial data have been topical recently, in part due to the recently published book 'Bad Pharma', by Dr Ben Goldacre. It highlighted that pharmaceutical companies are entitled to conduct numerous clinical trials on a new drug but publish selectively, thus skewing the evidence base available for doctors and patients seeking to make informed decisions.

The Committee is seeking written submissions on the following:

1. Do the European Commission's proposed revisions to the Clinical Trials Directive address the main barriers to conducting clinical trials in the UK and EU?
2. What is the role of the Health Research Authority (HRA) in relation to clinical trials and how effective has it been to date?
3. What evidence is there that pharmaceutical companies withhold clinical data and what impact does this have on public health?
4. How could the occurrence and results of clinical trials be made more open to scrutiny? Who should be responsible?
5. Can lessons about transparency and disclosure of clinical data be learned from other countries?

Deadline is noon Friday 22 February 2013. Please see link below for further details and how to submit written evidence:
Kind Regards,

Sarah Qureshi
Partnership Manager
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