Friday 5 September 2014

How do we encourage CURIOSITY about RESEARCH for the public?

How do we try to make sense of what we are doing? Can we begin to map and measure what we are trying to achieve by becoming a research active nation?

Research helps explore and answer questions about the best treatments, care and services. It also helps us understand how we might live healthier lives and prevent certain illnesses and conditions. BUT…  

How does the person in the street --- find out, take part, use, help, influence and give to research?

For example, how can someone…

Find out’ about NHS research in general and relevant studies
Takepart in any current NHS research
Use the findings from research to improve their health and wellbeing
Helpinform and form research ideas, practice and governance
Influencethe policies and legislation surrounding research to avoid waste
Give donations in samples, kind, time, effort and monies

We are getting better in some areas but too many many people look and leave confused, lost and bewildered banging their heads against a wall.

Our common task should be to help people in each of these areas so I have added a few of my thoughts to each area - but are they right???

So, from Monday 8th I shall begin a magical mystery tour of some places I have come across on the internet. 

I hope you will join me and I invite you add as many other places as possible in the coming weeks.


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