Wednesday 10 September 2014

Do you want TO TAKE PART in a particular research study?

Taking part in research
Ask yourself a simple question!

Where might your next door neighbour begin to to find out about research studies that are relevant to them especially if you weren't around. 

 It is, after all, a NHS constitutional right.  

What about finding out from a hospital?

Imagine if all hospitals, clinics, surgeries and care homes had a leaflet about research. This lovely example from North Bristol NHS Trust now comes with QR barcode which can be scanned by many smart phones to take you straight to the site.

Barts Health NHS Trust in London make excellent use of their website to inform and help people to learn.

And HERE all the ways in which you can you can make a difference are explained.

CHALLENGE WARNING - Take a couple of minutes to look at your local NHS websites and see what is said about research. You might want to write to them and suggest some improvements and point them in the direction of good practice.

AND - check out your own Doctor's Surgery website. Does research get a mention?

Where are the signs?

The idea of having one place where you can go to find out about studies was a dream for many years. But how should we spread the word about this great resource.  

CHALLENGE WARNING - Who have YOU told about these?

How easy will it be?

Ok, so now I know where I might find out about taking part in research. But what advice is there to help me?

Cancer is quite good at giving people the questions to ask but we need to get better at providing both general and specific information.

The Leicester Diabetes Centre has a great example for a very specific need.

People do want to take part. 

And a reference to things happening elsewhere in the United Kingdom at the moment you might like to glance at this VIDEO from across the border in Scotland.

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