Wednesday 11 May 2016

What can we all learn for involvement in research?

What can we all learn from public involvement in clinical research? 

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Looking at Improving Healthcare through Clinical Research (The MOOC part of the TwitterFEST fringe)

Our Question: What tips do you have from learning?  
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The observant, amongst you, may have noticed that the question in the post title and the above differ in the words 'for' and 'from'. The change of a single word invites us to think and understand about public involvement and research. 

There is large amount of information about the value of public involvement in research and the importance of actively seeking the opinion and perspectives of patients and carers. Too often it remains a process of give and take. By that I mean from the public to researchers. 

The idea of learning FOR involvement changes a dynamic. For the public it means an opportunity to learn, for researchers the chance to offer something back and together involvement benefits from a shared knowledge. 

@karenInns1 has produced a deceptively simple framework that demonstrates what we are learning FROM the public about what they want and need to become meaningfully involved. 

It begins with understanding the context. 

Quite simply how can I find out about clinical research? 

Most of us have no desire to be researchers but gain from a little more understanding. 

In the same way, says Karen, we do our own research when booking a holiday Improving Healthcare through Clinical Research is a great guide to finding out about research for those on a day trip or perhaps thinking about spending a longer holiday. 

The second statement, where to go invites us to find out more about clinical research and offers the chance to direct people to various resources.

You don't even need to travel to find out what research is taking place have a look here

If you wanted help in getting actively involved you don't nee to travel to Australia to find help as it available at any time here. Closer to home in the UK, we have INVOLVE

The next parts of @KarenInns1 circle, are about Staying in touch. The Clinical Research Network provides regular updates with the Latest news and case studies. You can learn from others who have been actively involved

And finally how can I get involved? This really invites you to take part in a way that suits you best. 

You might begin by looking out for the Ok2Ask campaign and join us in #whywedoresearch.

If I have learned anything then it it is quite simply that we all need to learn WITH involvement. It is only by working together You can find the whole circle here or read the previous blog post on Learning, here.

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