Tuesday 12 July 2016

The Disruptive Patient (part 2): Disruption in Action

I should clarify that by 'disruption' I mean a change to the way things are done. Disruption  bringing new ideas to the table and turning things on their head.


Or, as mhabitat say: 

            discover - dream - design. 

I am taking part in a Digital Discovery Lab facilitated by habitat today and will be tweeting @DerekCStewart with #myresearchlearning and look out for @KarenInns1

Social Media has completely disrupted the way in which people find out about their health and research. These communicate across countries and transforms the means of communicating with those with similar conditions. 

We are seeing the emergence of completely new groups using the breadth of social media platforms

We don't have to wait until the first Saturday of the month to meet. We can chat at virtually any time of day or night. 

Even many of the traditional Patient Self-Help and Support Groups are also using social media as a means of keeping in touch with their membership and promote the help they offer.

Recently, I came across  Marie Ennis-O'Connor, who set up the Patient Empowerment Foundation. Marie has compiled a list of over 400 Patient Advocates on Twitter. Follow Marie @JBBC 

Organisations such as PatientsLikeMe and providing platforms to enable patients to talk to each other, raise topics of interest and learn. 

Roz Davies recently gave a talk at the Royal Society of Medicine about the under-utilised resource of patients. 

You might want to read more and watch the video here

"We are witnessing the emergence of a new phenomenon in healthcare: self-organising, online communities of patients, carers, clinicians, researchers, academics, and industry all focused on a particular disease area."

Note: I suspect there may be more disruption to follow. Thanks for the follows, posting and retweets.

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