Wednesday 5 October 2016

What is happening in the East Midlands

Today, 6th October 2016, I have been invited to talk at the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) at 10 conference celebrating what is happening in the East Midlands #NIHR10EM - a great example of One NIHR. 

Dr Adele Horobin, the Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement Manager and Goiz-Eder Aspe Juaristi, Project Manager, kindly sent me some information about how patients and the public are making a difference in the East Midlands and in the wider world.

It seems such great stuff that I thought I would post some of the links.

Read about how a James Lind Alliance - Priority Setting Partnership (PSP) in mild/moderate hearing loss was coordinated.  With very significant public and hearing charity input, this PSP will influence the course of future research into mild/moderate hearing loss. 

Working with a lay co-applicant, they also recently won a grant from the British Tinnitus Association that will fund additional PPI work into developing a Core Outcome Set (COS) for tinnitus which will be part of the Comet Initiative.

You can read about and watch how a multi-media educational programme was developed for first-time hearing aid users. Called C2Hear, this programme is now freely available online, on You Tube. C2Hear was developed in partnership with members of the public who have hearing loss and use hearing aids. C2Hear is also being promoted through our audiology services.

Tatty Scott (Leicester cardio PPI/E Manager) and Rebecca Pritchard (Leicester-Loughborough Diet Lifestyle and Physical Activity Biomedical Research Unit (BRU) Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) Manager) have both been active in beating SCAD (You will have to click on the links to find out more)... 

BEAT Scad UK – the group that campaigned for the research – has its second annual conference taking place in Leicester in November. Not only that, but the group has achieved charity status; quite an inspiration.

It is also worth noting the SHAREBank which means that those in involvement and engagement have the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas and resources.

Also a quick mention for the great Public Face which provides regular updates for the public about what is happening.  I love receiving this in my inbox.

Well Done, everyone and thank you Beth Moss, CRN Chief Operating Officer for the invitation! 

Congratulations on the awards for the Biomedical Research Centres in the East Midlands.

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