Tuesday 1 November 2016

More Progress at Parkinson's UK

More Progress at Parkinson's UK

Parkinson's UK have now published a great IMPACT REPORT on Patient & Public Involvement

It provides superb examples of the 'Difference made to Research' and the Difference made to People'  

I wrote an earlier blog post about the changes that are taking place in Charities in September 2015. 

The progress since then has been great and Parkinson's are showing the way by having this report written. 

You can watch a short film clip and read more about the whole project here.

There is also a great 'two page' highlight leaflet which captures the key points.

All the researchers who involved patients would do so again!

Too often, these reports talk about the 'input' - the numbers of people who have helped but this is clearly about the difference that has been made.

Of course, you can't just measure output unless you have helped people understand what involving patients, carers and the public is all about.

Parkinson's UK produced this deceptively simple - A resource for researchers 

It can be applied to virtually any area of health and social care research.

Thanks to Isabelle Abbey-Vital, Research Involvement Officer at Parkinson's UK for bringing this report to my attention. Izzy recently gave a presentation to the Leaders Forum for Patient, Public Involvement and Engagement at NIHR Clinical Research Network

The Impact Report is written by Kristina Staley whose work on Exploring Impact for INVOLVE is well known

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