Saturday 9 June 2012

Talking to myself

I am coming to the conclusion that having a blog is a little bit like talking to yourself - which I do all the time - so it sort of seems normal. That and the fact that nobody seems to be looking at the BLOG, reading or commenting.

I think that I am beginning to get the hang of the layout so have put some factual information along the top under Sources of Support & Patient Organisations. The Updates are a collection of things I have come across or been sent in emails that I think are interesting.

I will try to do an Update every couple of weeks then collate into a Monthly or Quarterly bulletin of information under different categories (Research, Commissioning, User Involvement, etc)

As to by new 'blogging career' - I will be officially starting this coming week commencing Monday 11th as I return to work with some work in Edinburgh, a royal concert, then off to Cambridge and finally a Comprehensive Local Research Network board meeting.

I shall comment and reflect on each as they take place....

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