Thursday 14 June 2012

Edinburgh then Nottingham

In Edinburgh on Monday and Tuesday working with Bec Hanley, TwoCan Associates, for the Clinical Research Training centre in Edinburgh for Michelle Evans.

Day 1 workshop Involving Patients and Public as Partners in Clinical Research included  six members from the Public Involvement Group at the Chief Scientist Office, Scotland. It was a real pleasure to work with them and the other attendees.

The next day we facilitated a structured discussion for experienced people in patient and public involvement around developing the work and moving beyond the stereotype of placing two people on a committee. It was brilliant listening to what people are doing north of the border.

I find it really interesting that despite all the booklets and advice on involving patients, carers and the public in research, most people just want to be helped to take their first steps, learn what to do next and/or reflect on what did or didn't go went well. They no longer want or need to be told.

Perhaps too much information has been provided like car manuals to read or guides to driving instruction when most people actually want to know where to put the key, how to operate the clutch, press the accelerator and use the brakes. This seems especially true for members of the research community.

We may have spent too much time providing workshops for patients, carers and the public at the expense of engaging the researchers and NHS colleagues in what we are trying to achieve. 

This work with TwoCan Associates re-dresses the balance.

On Wednesday, the Queen was visiting Nottingham and our granddaughter was playing in the band. Wonderful day ended by being the regular drama assistant for the drama club at Riverside School in the city.

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