Friday 15 June 2012

Involving Researchers

So how do we better engage and work with the research community and help them to better understand the value of involving the public in their work.

Met yesterday with a number of the leads for involving people in research across the East of England - Doreen, Jacqueline, Katerina, Iliana, Andrew and Nicola. Wonderful group who discussed what researchers might gain from attending workshops and courses about working together with the public.

 Our first draft lists opportunities to
  • share your enthusiasm and commitment to research with members of the public
  • discuss your current ideas and work
  • meet with patients, carers and others who are interested in getting actively invalid with research
  • learn about partnership working with the public in a safe and non-threatening manner
  • exchange ideas, experiences and good practice of active involving the public
  • find out how you can best support each other 

  • improve aspects of your research proposals
  • make new contacts from across the East of England

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