Wednesday 22 October 2014

To Know - The Mystery Tour begins

Roll up, roll up, roll up! I bid you welcome, as your mystery tour guide. 

You can take the path in the middle and read all of these posts in order, or choose certain marked sections illustrated by the stones on the left or you can randomly jump from place to place.

I hope you will find selected some of the places that I have chosen are of interest and of value! I trust that you will learn more about the vital place that research holds in your health and wellbeing. Increasingly of the opinion that our role is to help people make connections. 

So, are you inquisitive, searching, enquiring, intrigued, keen to know more, fascinated, questioning and even demanding about improving your health and well-being then CLICK on the words in BOLD to begin your journey. 

Are you keen TO KNOW more about research and your health?
(I wonder about some music to get you started) 

There is a lot on the news these days about new drugs that have been discovered. But then, they say it might take years until it might be available for patients. 

... and if English was my third or fourth language how could I learn more. Here is an example of the same YouTube clip in PUNJABI

What are the different steps or stages that happen in research? (You will have to scroll down the page in this example yet there are great stories in there too)

If it is so important why aren’t more people talking about research, celebrating good practice and telling the public about it. If you have something to shout about, then add it to the Facebook pages. 

I used to think it would be great if there was somewhere you could go to find some useful short video clips and then I discovered that some clever people here had set up their own YouTube Channel

Why not register and start searching for explanations and treatments about your condition. 

This YouTube clip illustrates how someone's personal experience with chronic pain can help researchers.

You can also find out more about research from this new online learning resource

What Next?

  • How might any of these website links help your health and wellbeing as well as those of your family and friends?
  • Who could and should you tell about what you have learned?

While you are thinking about these next steps then why not listen to a little more MUSIC.

Let me know of any other places I might suggest in future to add other, different steps on the journey. Better still, tell the stories about what you have found, share the links with as many people as possible and let me know what happens and spread the word on twitter @DerekCStewart

Begin wherever you like. Enjoy the sense and serendipity of it all. All I have done is offered a window pane through which you can look and begin to see the view.  

CHALLENGE WARNING (These are invites for you to do something about)

If you can't find anything about what you want and need. What are YOU going to do about it? What do YOU need to help you achieve what you need? What needs to change for it to happen?

Roll up, roll up - At the next stop in the tour I shall be looking at how we might take part in research.

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