Wednesday 29 October 2014

Health and All for RESEARCH, research for ALL

            Health is not bought with a chemist’s pills
            Nor saved by the surgeon’s knife
            Health is not only the absence of ills
            But the fight for the fullness of life.

The Health Poem by Piet Hein, written to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the World Health Organisation reminds us that it our health that is key even when we are ill.


Health, illness and wellbeing

Why am I All for RESEARCH?

I am All for RESEARCH because we ALL have questions about maintaing our own health and that of other friends and family. I believe that only good high quality research, that is appropriately regulated and approved, will give us the evidence to show what keeps us healthy, help diagnose our illnesses more effectively and provide us with the best possible care, treatments and services.

I am NOT 'all for research' that wastes time, effort, money, that hides data, that doesn't collaborate but I am still for RESEARCH that sometimes doesn't know what it is doing because many of the great discoveries come about by chance, accident or enquiries into something completely different. 

I am All for RESEARCH taking place in national health services as a part of the patient pathway that takes account of patient need, listens to patient experience is inclusive in design and open in all its processes.

Why are public All for RESEARCH?

Our lives, activities and money

I think we can say that the public are, generally, All for Research. This seems to be evident in the continually increasing numbers who participate in clinical studies, their positive attitudes and good experiences

All for Research is clearly shown in the extensive and imaginative range of activities undertaken to help research - from fun runs, races for life, midnight walks, to far flung adventures - most of which with the support of families, friends and strangers. 

All for Research can be counted in the money raised directly in cash, in donations of clothes and bric a brac as well as that raised from walks to outdoor pursuits

And then there is the Government's contribution to research by investing tax payers monies. 

...research for ALL

Why should our call be research for ALL and why is it important? 

We should all want to know whether we are receiving the best evidenced based care. I like to know if the health professionals are interested and involved in research because as a networked healthcare community then we, as the public, are ALL more likely to get the best care. We should want for this for everyone.

We all need to do more to help people to know about research and be able to learn more about it. This should include its value and uncertainty.

The Ok to ASK campaign helps to raise awareness and invites the public to initiate the conversation about whether there are any clinical trials available and open for participation. Taking part in research should become a normal and natural part of a patient pathway in any high quality health service. It should be a central part of good commissioning.

There is a lot of research taking place in University Hospitals and in the larger Trusts. There has been an increase in research being carried out in GP Practices (about half of the practices in England) and in Care Homes but there is more to do. It is now possible to see how Trusts are doing in your area.

It is also the responsibility of research to carry out studies in the populations for whom the research is intended so much needs to be done to encourages all cultures and communities to engage with research.

These are just a few of the reasons, I believe, research should be made more available. 

Do you have any others?

Finally, as Piet Heim reminds us this is a fight for the fullness of life

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