Thursday 16 October 2014

GIVING makes a difference!

The willingness of people to GIVE knows few boundaries. Whether it is giving blood, tissue for research, taking part in clinical trials and other well designed studies, or helping researchers to plan, design and deliver better research to influencing at all levels of research practice, governance and policy.

Equally people Give of themselves in whatever way they can to

Are you keen to GIVE to donate time, resource, money or skill?

The British Museum makes it clear!
Most people know the big charities especially when you or a member of your family is directly affected by an illness or condition and please continue to support them. The Association of Medical Research Charities brings together many other charities so... Make a choice, click a website and make a gift

Some illnesses account for a considerable amount of health services spending but have very money given to research. You could make a difference today here to something that affects 1 in 4 people in  the UK.

Could you raise money through an activity - cycling, running, mountain climbing? You may feel, like me, that you are a wee bit too old or not as able to run.

I thought the same until I discovered this page on the NHS Choices website!

       And, yes! It works and I did it!

If you are unsure who to give the money to them have a look at Charity Choice.

There are many ways in which you ask your friends to donate and give to your efforts. Look out, next year, as I will be asking! 

Just Giving and Virgin Giving are two of the ways in which you can do this and there are others.

You can also donate blood and tissue that will assist future treatments. The UK Biobank is one such example. 

And finally, we can all give critical feedback in patient experience questionnaires about how we were treated and whether we would recommend research to others.

I hope you have enjoyed this Guided Tour and that it has helped you become more interested, curious and enquiring. Please let me know any places you think we ought to visit next!

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