Monday 9 June 2014

Canada Tales 2

Setting off this morning on an Air Canada Airbus A330-300 from Heathrow to Toronto then a forwarding flight to Winnipeg. 

Flights in reality and flights of fancy. Time to relax, stay calm and enjoy the adventure.

A couple of days ago I penned these few lines in Haiku in response to Simon Denegri's words..

Haiku 1 

Gentle breeze of involvement
Time requires some 
Lightening storms

Haiku 2

Too many questions
Like leaves from tree
Cast on four winds

Haiku 3

Even bleak in winter 
Snowdrops appear
Presence inspiring

Haiku 4

Now summer comes
Fresh buds and thinking
Reflect season

Haiku 4

Are things different
When not, new steps
To be taken 

Haiku 6

Maple leaves calling
Flights of more than fancy
Learn from First Nations

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