Tuesday 17 June 2014

Canada Tales 5 (final segment)

I received this wonderful gift from Laurie Ringeart following the workshop on Friday at George and Fay Yee The Centre for Healthcare Innovation. http://umanitoba.ca/faculties/medicine/units/chi/

For centuries the Innuit have constructed life-like figures of rock called Inukshuks, (pronounced IN-OOK-SHOOK).

They stand as directional beacons to guide travellers. They have become of cooperation and brotherhood for people everywhere. 

Meerat Kaur, noticed my post on LinkedIn and suggested that I might like to the Boon Burger Shack, a vegetarian restaurant  - Excellent food!

On the way there I was walking so I asked for directions of   I asked if she was a student and her reply was that she was an 'auto didactic' - self learner.  

The Forks - This is a great market for local produce, crafts and gifts. It sits at the fork between the Assiniboine and Red Rivers,

The Museum of Manitoba

The exterior of this building hides a superb exhibition that celebrates the whole rich history of the Province.

The Museum traces the exceptional prehistoric finds through the periods of the wild bison to the railroads and the more modern history.

         And more Inukshuk!

The Manitoba Legislative Building is in Winnipeg and is the seat of the Legislative Assembly. The building is made of Tyndall stone which has numerous fossils embedded.

The Winnipeg Art Gallery has an excellent exhibition of 7 Professional Native Artists.   

And, I mustn't forget the exceptional Sunday Brunch at The Fort Garry hotel.

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