Wednesday 11 June 2014

Canada Tales 3

Well, I arrived. Winnipeg is on Central Canadian Time so we are 6 hours behind the UK. 

The flights were good though the exchanged seemed to go on for ever. 

The person in the seat next to me, by chance, is an associate professor in health care at Queens University in Ontario. It was good to hear how patients are an integral part of some of her courses.  Email contacts swapped and now exchanged with Caroline and a colleague. 

I managed to watch Wes Anderson's brilliantly comic THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL 

I wasn't sure what to expect but it was a feast of stunningly assembled still images and tableau captured through windows, doors and any other framing device that Anderson finds. It is a brilliant example of the power of using drama to tell stories. 

It tells, in part of the grandeur of those major hotels where the rich and famous would stop on their tours. 

The Fort Garry Hotel
The Fort Garry Hotel in the centre of Winnipeg has a history of being one of those grand hotels. Built in 1913 in the Chateau style for the the Grand Trunk Pacifice Railway, one block away from the Union Station.

But Fort Garry also has its own stories as I found out

Fortunately, so far, there have been signs of ghosts, deaths, chases or indications of war being declared as happens at The Grand Budapest.

And now to the Conference for my next few entries.

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